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Weight Scales

Weighing machines and equipment

In the commercial and industrial market, it is essential to your business operation to know the correct weight of the materials you are handling. Instant Weighing supplies weighing equipment and provides support to industries such as mining, quarrying, transport, industrial and farming. We are determined to ensure that the measurement products we supply perform to your high standards and even exceed your expectations.

All our technicians are licensed and conversant with the Australian Federal Government legislation controlled by the National Measurement Institute (NMI). We are also qualified to advise you on the appropriate scale or balance that would be best suit to your requirements. It is in our interest to provide products and services that make a significant contribution to the success of Western Australian industries, so let us be your partner in strengthening your business.

As a scale distribution company, Instant Weighing is a licensed scale company involved in supplying a large range of trade approved and non-trade approved digital scales. From fine scientific balances (weighing in increments as fine a 0.0001g), to the full range of large platform, medical, crane, counting and industrial scales, as well as load cells and digital indicators, we have everything you require and if not, we will happily source it for you.

Front-end loader scales

Loading semi-trailers or road-trains, hoppers or crushers require the accuracy of the Australian-manufactured COMPULOAD series of front-end loader scales. These loader and forklift scales are ideal for weight data storage and retrieval (via hardcopy or electronically), setting target weights on individual axle groups on road-train trailers, or totalising weights of the separate stockpiles of each material handled in a batching situation. Your site would be incomplete without a COMPULOAD scale.

Transport & industrial scales

COMPULOAD has just released its new Trade Approved digital Load Cell Forklift Scale (LCFS), which will revolutionize the weighing of freight within both the Transport and Industrial industries. Large reductions in operational costs for the freight industry will be achieved by reducing much of the forklift’s travel and handling times whilst either loading or unloading trucks or semi-trailers, when correctly and legally using the LCFS to weigh pallets to determine the weight to calculate the freight chargeable for that pallet.

This new scale will protect Company Directors and their Employees with the introduction of the new Main Roads Chain of Responsibility Legislation. This scale is necessary for forklifts used to load or unload trucks and/or semi-trailers/road-trains.

Remember, at present many Analogue forklift scales are actually being used illegally in the freight industries as they cannot legally be used as a scale to determine the weight of an article when calculating freight costs.

We supply the transport industry with scales for various applications. Whether its large or small-scale road transport, you can use an industrial scale to weigh vehicles, vehicle loads and freight packages. Our range of industrial scales can be used in various markets such as construction, waste and recycling as well as oil and gas.

Excavator scales and associated safety accessories

Designed specifically for heavy loads, our range of high quality conventional and digital scales can assist you with weighing material handled by an excavator. Our selection of excavator scales extends from general weighing operations to thermal printing and we provide equipment such as incline indicators, site guards and slew limiters.

The COBO 3B6 is a digital dynamic weighing system installed onto excavators so that the operator knows the weight of the materials that the excavator is handling and loading.

The COBO 3B6 has data storage capabilities and an on-board printer to provide the required weight documents. This system can be upgraded to provide the operator with profile digging, when the excavator is being used in that application.

Instant Weighing also provides the essential GKD Technik safety accessories for excavators such as, Slew Limiters, Height Limiters, SiteGuard and the all-important. Total Moment Indicator, which is designed to maximize the safe lifting capacity of your excavator.

General scales

We also supply a variety of smaller scales that weigh miniscule amounts of matter. These scales can be used in the science, medical, retail and postal industries. The scales we select to market are designed and manufactured to textbook precision, in order to weigh the lightest and heaviest of materials accurately and efficiently. Upon weighing your matter, you receive a correct result immediately, which contributes to a productive and professional working environment.

At Instant Weighing, we provide product support together with annual or bi-annual calibration testing of these products, which is paramount to your company and ours. Speak to us about your weighing requirements, our technicians are highly skilled and can give you informed advice about all types of scales.

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