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I have a Compuload non trade approved scale. Am I able to upgrade it to a trade approved model?

Yes but you must have a Compuload printer installed on your system as well.

I have a Compuload weighing system on my loader but I would like to be able to get the information off it so that I can track the stock levels. Am I able to do this?

Yes you can do this in either two different ways.

  1. If you have a non trade approved Compuload system you are able to purchase a USB Downloader that can be plugged into Compuload and you are able to get all the information from that and then plug it into your computer and it will give you the details in an excel spreadsheet format.
  2. If your Compuload system is a Trade Approved model then you can take your lap top to the indicator and unplug your printer and using that technique you are able to download it that way.

I am in need of a new front end loader but I still want to keep the Compuload from the old one. Are you able to take it off my old machine and put it back onto the new one?

Yes, we are able to do that for you.  Just call us and we can give you the price.

What accuracy should I expect from a Compuload front end loader scale?

Any loader scale should be able to achieve +1% accuracy. Compuload scales routinely achieve <+0.5% accuracy on all brands of front end loaders.  If you can’t load a semi trailer to within 200kg routinely then contact Instant Weighing for a Compuload solution which can do the job for you.

Why would I buy a Compuload digital weighing system over a Loadrite system?

The main reasons people choose Compuload are:

  1. Compuload is Australian made and owned.
  2. Cost: Both the initial purchase price and ongoing service and calibration costs are historically lower.
  3. Ease of use.  Industry feedback suggests that the majority of operators find the Compuload System easier to learn and use.
  4. Commitment.  Instant Weighing Compuload technicians have an almost obsessive commitment to accuracy and quality.

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