AMR Editorial – Compuload

Instant Weighing as a licensed scale company with National Measurement Institute (NMI) is the Western Australian distributor of the COMPULOAD series of front end loader scales (either as TRADE APPROVED or NON Trade Approved scales) and also the COBO excavator scales. Other products also include 7 various PROLEC Safety Limiters (made to Australian Standards) for excavators. Instant Weighing is also a major tester of all types of scales for the new SOLAS/AMSA export sea container weighing laws introduced 1st July 2016

COMPULOAD product development is an ongoing exercise with the recent release of the new COMPULOAD 6000 (with Data Storage including builtin USB Data Downloader) and the COMPULOAD 5000 scales for front end loaders and forklifts. Development includes fine tuning developments to improve weighing accuracy. COMPULOAD has weighing software for both loading road trains and batching. Providing product support and calibration services throughout WA is paramount to Instant Weighing.

A recent example showing the accuracy of the COMPULOAD series of front end loader scales.
Our client uses front end loaders fitted with Trade Approved COMPULOAD 4000 scales to load their 4 trailer road trains at mine sites and hauls the ore back to Port Hedland for shipment. The COMPULOAD scale indicated that 18,800t of ore was transported to the port for a specific shipment, and once loaded onto the ship the Port Authority indicated that the difference between their total weight and the COMPULOAD scale’s total weight was just 39t.

That is an error of just 0.2 of 1%.

1st July 2016 saw the introduction of new international laws through the Australian Federal Government Department called Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) regards the testing of scales used to determine the Verified Gross Mass (VGM) of an export sea container. In summary the new laws, says that any scale can be used to weigh an export sea container, but before the scale can be used under this law it must be tested to and pass the (NMI) standards of testing for that type and capacity of scale and that this testing must continue on an ongoing annual bases. These laws also say that Certified Test Masses must be used for the testing.

The variety of different scales effected by these new laws can include:-
Small to very large platform scales,
Scales on small to very large forklifts using either forks or spreader bars
Scales on front end loaders fitted with forks
Scales on Reach stackers, and trucks with side lifters
Scales used at wharves on cranes or container stradlers