Company and Council Chain of Responsibility Letter 1

Protect ALL staff under the new Chain of Responsibility (CoR) laws – Australian made COMPULOAD front end loader scales

Company and Council CEO’s and their Work Supervisors can be held responsible under the new Main Roads Chain of Responsibility laws. Whichever activity you perform in the ’chain’, it is important that you take reasonable steps to manage the risk and ensure road safety is not compromised. If equipment and procedures have not been put into place to allow staff to know how much they have loaded onto a vehicle, you can be included in any action taken by Main Roads. The new laws are now that powerful.

This is how Instant Weighing can help Company’s and Councils work towards CoR compliance – with COMPULOAD front end loader scales

In this first issue we will discuss the top of the range front end loader scale, the COMPULOAD 6000.

TRACK WHAT MATERIALS ARE BEING HANDLED WITH THE COMPULOAD 6000 via the built in USB for Weight Data Downloading  

The COMPULOAD 6000 does all the same as the COMPULOAD 5000, but with the addition of Data Storage in a 3 directory data base. This allows weight data to be stored and retrieved under headings such as:-

  • Company Name or Allocated Job No’s,
  • Products loaded,
  • Registration No’s of the trucks loaded. The indicator will display both the individual bucket weight and the progressive total weight as the truck is being loaded.

The optional printed docket will show your Company or Council Name and telephone number, date and time, the selected data under the 3 headings, then the weight of each bucket and the progressive total followed by the total tonnages loaded separately for each truck/trailer combination.

Maximum Target Weights for each individual axle groups can be entered, to assist the operator to load only to their designed maximum weight.

Summary of all weight data can be downloaded onto PC or laptop in a spreadsheet format via the built-in USB Data Downloader, or printed out via the optional on-board printer as a printed hardcopy.

This weight data collated against each of the Directories and their Sub-Directories allows you to track the amount of each Product handled each day, for whom, and loaded onto which vehicles. This data will also help in future projects cost estimating.

This scale is the NON Trade Approved version of our front end loader scales. Indicated weights should be within +/- 1% of the actual weight.