Update on SOLAS/AMSA Testing for existing forklift scales

Just a quick update on our activities regarding SOLAS/AMSA testing of existing forklift scales for weighing export sea containers.

We understand that AMSA has now actually carried out some audits in regards export sea container weighing scales and companies have been found to be non-compliant even though the companies produced written test reports completed by other scale companies (but not to the NMI testing requirements for that type/capacity scale) and all were rejected.

Because of our expertise in this area, and our knowledge of the AMSA requirements and as we are prepared to test all existing scales (including forklift scales) currently being used to see if we can get those scales to pass the appropriate NMI testing. We have just had great success at Broome and Karratha where the AMSA audits were conducted. For the large forklifts that have the forklift manufacturer’s scales installed, (which is part of the forklift ‘s computer management system), we are insisting that the forklift’s technician who can recalibrate these scales be present during the testing as most scales will require recalibration more than once the achieve a pass.

In Broome and Karratha, we have successfully tested and passed all the existing scales consisting of 2 x 16t forklifts at Broome and 4 x 16t and 5 x 12t forklifts scales at Karratha that have passed.

One of the company’s audited by AMSA has also got a branch in Darwin and they are keen for us to assist them. As this will mean transporting test masses to Darwin, if you have a branch in Darwin that wishes to have their existing scales tested during this visit, let us know immediately. The more that participate the cheaper the shared costs of the masses transportation costs will be, because only certified test masses can be used.

We can also test straddles carrier, wharf cranes and forklifts scales that are fitted with spreaders.

Click Here to view our video demonstrating SOLAS/AMSA testing.