Excavator Scales

Improve on productivity with one of the best excavator scales

With many high-quality products to offer, Instant Weighing supplies excavator scales that provide the best in leading technology and premium features. The weighing systems we offer use state-of-the-art software in order to give you precise readings consistently. Not only will the weighing system improve efficiency for your weighing requirements, but it will also increase the productivity of using your excavator by allowing the operator to weigh materials in the bucket quickly and accurately, in turn, increasing the productivity of your entire business operation.

Excavators require the use of weighing systems for various operations such as pit-loading, construction, truckload out operations, crusher feeding, landscaping and general material handling. Financially, excavator scales are a benefit to your company as you are able to monitor the total weight of all materials handled by the excavator whether per truck load or per day output. The scales also assist your company to meet the new Main Roads Chain of Responsibility Legislation, by knowing the weight loaded onto trucks travelling in the WA roads controlled by the Main Roads Inspectors.


  • Prevent overload fines – correct weighing guarantees trucks are loaded to the legally specified value.
  • Identify material movements – monitor and record loads by matter, client, truck and job spec using the easy-to-operate interface.
  • Monitor project progress – weighing systems have a built-in KPI reporting device, making it easy to track progress.
  • Multi-dimensional compensation – exclusive algorithms, which allow you to weigh on board your excavator, for a simple operation.
  • Changeable weighing zone – built in flexibility to configure your excavator to weigh materials when loading from different levels accurately.
  • Ground slope compensation – get precise readings even when the excavator is on rugged or uneven terrain.
  • Data management software for accurate reviewing
  • Daily product totals – monitor daily sums of multiple types of material
  • Assists in preventing overloading fines by allowing the operator to know the weight loaded onto a vehicle.

Our wide variety of excavator scales gives you peace of mind that you have come to the right place. All the products we supply undergo strict quality testing measures to ensure you receive the absolute best in excavator weighing. The systems are easy to install, and our technicians are on hand if you have trouble connecting or operating yours.

Each member of the Instant Weighing team has been carefully selected to ensure that you don’t only receive the best product but also first-class support. Our technicians and support staff are highly skilled and aptly qualified to assist you with your weighing device wherever possible. Choosing the correct excavator scale can be confusing and frustrating. Our experts will assist you by providing informed advice to help you make your decision.

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