Front End Loader Scales


As the Western Australia distributor of the COMPULOAD series of scales, we put our seal of approval on all of its products. At Instant Weighing, we believe in quality, durability and accuracy, which is why each scale goes through stringent quality-control checks. Knowing the right weight means knowing the right quantity or load weight, which is essential for business operations in a variety of industries. Your business’s success is of paramount importance to us, which is why we ensure that we provide you with a high-performance, cost-effective product.

Our front-end loader scales are installed and calibrated by our technicians, who are all licensed scale technicians. They are licensed with the federal government body called National Measurement Institute (NMI). The COMPULOAD series of scales are built tough to last.

The COMPULOAD series of front end loader scales (includes scales for tele-handlers, sea container handlers and the small articulated and skid steer loaders used in landscape supply industry) can be supplied, installed, calibrated and tested as either a Trade Approved scale or a Non-Trade Approved scale depending on the owners use and requirements. COMPULOAD scales are also essential when the loader is used to load a vehicle or trailer that will be driven on public roads under the control of the Main Roads Inspectors, to assist all parties meet their duty of care under the new Main Roads Chain of Responsibility Legislation, which now has far-reaching consequences and heavy penalties.

There are different software programs available for the different tasks that a front-end loader may be used for. Whether loading trucks or 4-trailer road trains, or batching different ore bodies into different stockpiles in a mining application, or selling quarried products by weight, each has a different software program. The in cabin digital display although assembled with the state-of-the-art electronic components, is simple for the operator to use and provides the operator with instant weight of the material in each bucket as vehicles, hoppers or stockpiles are being loaded.

Introducing the new SERIES of COMPULOAD scales

July 2015 see the introduction of 2 new NON Trade Approved COMPULOAD digital indicators called the COMPULOAD 6000 and the COMPULOAD 5000 and the new NON Trade Approved COMPULOAD 4070 on-board printer. These are to be processed by the Federal Government Dept (NMI), but this can take at least a couple of years testing by the Department before National Measurement Institute Trade Approval is obtained.

Therefore the COMPULOAD 4000 with the COMPULOAD 4060 on-board printer will remain the TRADE APPROVED version of the COMPULOAD front end loader scales.

The NON Trade Approved COMPULOAD 6000 will replace the NON Trade Approved 4000, and the NON Trade Approved COMPULOAD 5000 will replace the COMPULOAD 3000 MKII. These NON Trade Approved scales can be match with the new NON Trade Approved COMPULOAD 4070 optional on-board printer.

The COMPULOAD series of front end loader scales is currently one of the best products in this market. This excellent series of scales provides flawless readings in the most rugged conditions. The system itself is durable and can be used in harsh terrains making it ideal to use in the mining and waste industries. COMPULOAD scales, being Australian made, are also surprisingly affordable in comparison to the other imported brands. This is largely due to the established network base and streamlined manufacturing process, which allows us to pass the value onto our clients.

COMPULOAD software & USB data logger

We supply other scale accompaniments such as printers and data logging software, which allows you to download and review your weigh data remotely and efficiently. This software has unique features to meet your requirements such as having the ability to hold 2 independent calibrations for when different appliances are being used (such as bucket to load fertilisers onto the super spreaders and then hay forks to handle the large hay bales). The USB Data Downloader is only useable with the COMPULOAD 6000 series digital indicator.

On board weighing systems

For the transport and manufacturing industries, Instant Weighing specialises in supplying, installing and calibrating on-board weighing systems (for both the different types of vehicles used to load trucks and/or on-boards scales installed onto trucks themselves) to make the process of weighing much simpler. This is especially true for the freight industry with the just released Trade Approved Load Cell Forklift Scale (LCFS). This will greatly speed up both the loading and unloading of trucks/semi-trailers in a warehouse situation. The great accuracy of the LCFS will greatly assist your company, its directors and staff meet the new Chain of Responsibility Legislation requirements.

Contact us today for more information about our products and services. Our technicians will help you find the ideal weighing system for your requirements.