Truck Scales

Truck Load Scales

Truck scales take the guesswork and hassle out of weighing vehicles, improving efficiency so drivers can keep moving. Instant Weighing supply a huge range of truck scales from single wheel weighing pads through to precast concrete axle weighing systems or onboard weighing systems.

Full scale systems

Truck scales can be installed on the vehicle itself, or in a weigh station to regulate vehicle weight along highways and stock routes. Installing on-vehicle scales allows you to balance out the load, achieving maximum carrying efficiency without overloading the vehicle or risking an uneven load.

Here are some of the truck scales Instant Weighing supply, install, and maintain:

  • Single wheel weighing pads, lightweight and portable for weighing the load on specific wheels/axles on the go.
  • In motion axle weighing for no-stop weigh stations, precast in concrete and easy to install. These systems are accurate to within ±0.5% repeatability with level quality approaches.
  • Airbag suspension and spring suspension scales with fully integrated digital displays for accurate weighing.
  • Load cells from single point load cells right through to on-board and weighbridge load cells. Best installed when the truck is being assembled to your requirements at the dealers.

Go the right ‘weigh’ with Instant Weighing

Accurate, reliable truck scales will reduce your operating costs while improving efficiency and increasing mass load limits. Achieving a load limit to meet strict road regulations is easy with Instant Weighing!

EASY:  The In-Motion-axleWEIGHr is preconfigured for easy installation.  The load cells are factory calibrated and the indicator is preprogrammed.  Just add power, zero the scale and start weighing.

PORTABLE:  Easy to transport, Easy to install, Easy to relocate.

INSTALL:  The In-Motion-axleWEIGHr is a precast concrete slab with a precast concrete scale in the center.  It can be installed just about anywhere.  Just pick it off the back of a truck and place it on a 12 inch bed of compacted crushed stone, backfill as needed.

FAST:  Don’t stop on the scale.  Weigh in-motion for fast and accurate results up to 2 mph.

ACCURATE:  On average better than +/- 0.5% repeatability can be obtained with good quality approaches.  With extended (concrete) flat-and-level approaches, greater accuracy is possible.

ECONOMICAL:  Avoid tickets and lost productivity from non-legal loading.  With the In-Motion-axleWEIGHr you will always know your axle weights without the need to weigh on a public scale.

DURABLE:  Reinforced precast concrete slab is designed for years of trouble free operation.

WARRANTY:  The electronics and load cells have a 2 year warranty and are supported by a network of authorized distributors

CUSTOMIZABLE:  Fully programmable indicator can adapt to your operational and data management needs.