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COBO Excavator Scales

The COBO Excavator scales from Instant Weighing will improve productivity, safety, and data management on any big job.

Excavator operators in mining, farming, and quarrying use weighing systems for various operations like pit loading, construction, truck loadout operations, crusher feeding, landscaping and general material handling. The systems speed up the loading process, saving time and money while improving accuracy and increasing material loads.

The benefits of excavator scales:

  • Prevent overload fines – accurate weighing within ±3% helps guarantee trucks are loaded within their legal capacity
  • Identify material movements – monitor and record loads by matter, client, truck and job spec with the user-friendly interface.
  • Monitor project progress – weighing systems have a built-in KPI reporting device, making it easy to track progress including daily product total
  • Changeable weighing zone – built in flexibility to configure your excavator to weigh materials when loading from different levels accurately
  • Ground slope compensation – get precise readings even when the excavator is on rugged or uneven terrain
  • Data management software for accurate, automated reviewing

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