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Front End Loader Scales

Front End Loader Scales with Weight Data Transmission.

For various reasons (knowing that a vehicle has not been overloaded – Main Roads Chain of Responsibility or the office requiring the weight data to complete either forms or invoicing) our customers are seeking the ability to know the following weight data for a load just after it has been loaded onto a truck or road-train. Weight Data can include the following:-

Your Company Name, Trade Approved (if the loader scale is Trade Approved), Date and Time

The selected data pre entered in the scale such as:- Customers Name, Product loaded, Vehicle ID

Total Weight Loaded

This Weight Data can be transmitted over any of the following mediums

Two Way radio, 3G or 4G networks, Satellite signal.

This data is emailed to your computer in either CSV (Comma Separated Valve) or PDF format.

This means that you receive the required information of a load that has been loaded onto a vehicle at your office in a timely manner and without handling any paper, ready for the completion of documents required by the office/customer.

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