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EM60KAL60kg x 5g/10g/20g

EM-Series weighing machines

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High Resolution Mode Selectable: 5g Accuracy on EM-30KAM, 10g Accuracy on EM-60KAL, 20g Accuracy on EM-150KAL, 50g Accuracy on EM-300KAX|Clearly Visible Display with White Backlight|Battery Powered (Battery can be charged while the scale is in use)|Portable Lightweight Body|Auto Power Off (scale switches off automatically after a period of inactivity)|Optional RS232C Interface (FG-23)|Rotating Indicator (to improve viewing display from the back or side)|Three Platform Sizes (300 x 350 mm [EM-30KAM],400 x 500 mm [EM-60KAL & EM-150KAL] 500 x 600 mm [EM-300KAX])|Convenient Counting Function (able to count the number of objects with the same weight, based on a predetermined unit weight)|Optional Tilting Indicator Bracket (for a wider viewing angle)