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A forklift scale can save time and money by turning weighing into a one‐step operation. The scale is built into the forklift truck’s carriage or hydraulic lines depending on model required, so you get an accurate weight reading simply by lifting a pallet. It eliminates the need to transport pallets to a platform scale, weigh them, and then remove the pallets afterwards. The forklift driver can control all weighing operations from a scale terminal mounted in the cab.

  • Helps you confirm to the Chain of Responsibility laws ensuring you do not overload trucks.
  • Ensures you gain the maximum affectation within your warehouse etc by reducing forklift movements.
  • Safety ‐ Loading & stacking of racking to the correct rated weights specified. This will help ensure that you do overload your racking and work within your OH&S Requirements.
  • Several models to choose from depending on requirements from Basic to highly advanced options with data storage and downloading capabilities. 12 to 24 vdc power supply and rechargeable battery options available.
  • A forklift scale will pay for itself quickly by reducing forklift movements saving fuel, tyres and general maintenance.  In short your warehouse will be become more efficient.