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PME 500 – Liftwatch Rated Capacity Controller

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PME500 is the newest, most technologically advanced and compliant Rated Capacity Indicator/Controller(RCI/RCC) to be released by Webbair/Prolec in Australia. The PME500 system improves the safety and efficiencyof heavy plant, such as excavators, when involved in lifting operations.

The PME500 system replaces the Liftwatch 5 RCI, offering advanced new features including improved graphics and user friendly screens. This system still retains all the Australian compliance features that have been approved by governing bodies and OEMs Australia wide. Don’t be caught out with non-compliant imitations.

The Webbair/Prolec PME500 is still the only RCI/RCC controlsystem available in Australia today (January 2014)that is fully compliant to Australian Standards.The PME500 system allows excavators to achieve the maximum Safe Working Load (SWL) for lifting over the entire working envelope of the machine. This creates a situation that allows the machine to ‘legally’ lift up to ten times the machines current SWL, making machines not only safer but hugely more productive.

An example of this is that, after fitting a PME500 system, a 30tonne excavator could then be used to lift pipesweighing 6-10 tonnes or freely suspended loads up to 17 tonne. This creates an extremely attractive and fiscal saving when choosing a machine to undertake lifting applications.

PME500 allows contractors to meet their operational healthand safety obligations, as well as meeting the requirements of Australian Standards AS1418.8 & AS1418.5 for a Rated Capacity Indicator/Controller (RCI/RCC).

PME500 also meets the requirements for Height limiting, andCab protection, controls dig depth which protectsunderground infrastructure and saves time and money in digging applications.