Strainstall Container Weighing

Container Weight System (CWS)

Strainstall’s Container Weight System (CWS)TM seamlessly integrates load monitoring technology onto existing container handling equipment, with no impact on operations. CWSTM is fully configurable to suit existing Terminal Operating Systems (TOS), delivering accurate weight verification data in real time, as part of the regular lifting cycle at the terminals. The system can be retrofitted into the spreader, headblock or sheaves, making it a permanent feature of the container handling equipment with minimal wear. System options are flexible including load pins, diaphragm load cells or industry standard twistlocks. Installed and tested in under two hours, the robust construction of CWSTM and it’s environmentally sealed enclosures provide a lifelong, low maintenance solution to container weighing. Developed in response to industry needs CWS™ meets the International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) proposed amendments to SOLAS safety guidelines for mandatory verification of container weight, which comes into effect 1 July 2016


Container Weight Verification Brochure V1.0

Container Weight System Portable (CWS Portable)

CWS™ Portable has been designed to enable shippers, who are ultimately responsible for the provision of the verified gross mass (VGM) of a container, to comply with the International Maritime Organization (IMO)’s SOLAS regulations for container weight verification. The system offers a highly accurate and easy to use grounded solution that weighs and automatically logs a container’s VGM as well as its centre of gravity (COG), providing compliance with the Department of Transport (DOT) code of practice for safety of load on vehicles and providing a SOLAS compliant VGM. This cost-effective solution requires no other container handling equipment. A one person operation, CWS™ Portable enables containers to be weighed safely and accurately at the packing point, by mounting a container on four highly accurate load cells that deliver proven VGM data better than 1% of the applied load – up to 60 tonnes. The CWS™ Portable app calculates and records the VGM and COG data wirelessly, for both Android and Apple operating systems, generating automatic reports for easy and instant sharing and printing. Availablle ex-stock for immediate shipment globally, CWS™ Portable is a standalone system designed specifically for container packers and shippers without access to container handling equipment.

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V2 Strainstall CWS Portable Data Sheet